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  2013.02.28  16.37

Well it's a pretty ok handjob, but I'm not completely sure I really want to turn it into a handcareer, you know?


  2012.06.03  20.57

Not having a good time of it, lately. Stress begets more stress, worried about it getting out of control.


  2012.02.08  09.50
He had a good run.

My brother had to have his cat put down yesterday. Sammie was a naughty kitty, and that's why we loved him. He was so tiny when I first met him, back in '95 when I first moved out here. He got to be a huge old blob, then recently he was mostly skin and bones anymore. Anyway, I miss him.


  2011.12.31  19.18
I hit it with my sword.

Starting a ''real'' blog for the new year...
Any comments, and especially suggestions on improvements, would be most welcome!


  2011.08.01  17.46
Beer and Pizza

a pretty good combination

(see also: pizza & beer)


  2011.07.12  21.20
I don't wanna.

You can't make me.


  2011.06.30  21.51
Melting Zoo

Not as much fun as the petting zoo.


  2011.06.28  04.51
Bugsey Segal Test

Performed on Benjamin Franklin shortly after his death, revealed 43 dominions.


  2011.06.06  20.54

What does an exploding horse sound like, anyway?


  2011.06.06  18.21

What if there was a kind of anti-formspring, where you could ask innane questions and not have to worry about possibly getting an answer?


  2011.01.13  14.35
wub wub wub



  2010.12.26  16.00
Glad it's over, but...

I'm a little sad that the christmas spider is gone...


  2010.10.28  17.46
And all we get is Rossi, dammit...

Why can't we have politicians like this:



  2010.10.13  21.15
Burn Your Ballot

Simply put: the 2010 general election represents an unfair burden of votation once again being heaped upon the common people by the local, state, and federal governments.

How long are we going to put up with this? How long are we going to sit back and allow our government and government wannabes pile the responsibility of choosing our own representation back upon us?

We can no longer afford to stand by while we are expected to think, or even act, for ourselves! The time has come for someone else to get of of their asses and rise up for us!


  2010.09.19  22.13
i mades rice

also: chicken and pork.

I haven't been cooking much, which is kinda stupid and very lazy. Especially rice: I love rice, and it's not actually hard at all, but I keep convincing myself that it is... =/


  2010.08.28  19.29
Cat is Federated

I have a cheap "massaging" lumbar support. Cheap, but surprisingly semi-effective. In a bit I will go and stand in the hot shower for quite a while.

Long weeks are not as much a problem as sucky weekends, I've decided. I need to take at least half a week off around the end of July next year, it will make getting through the rest of the Summer just a tad easier.

Oh, and I've started a Wordpress blog: http://kaomera.wordpress.com/ It's specifically for gaming-related stuff, and then specifically as a journal of my work on at least a couple of projects. Hopefully it will help keep me focused / motivated...


  2010.08.18  21.28

Working 13-hour days is good, right???

Actually, I'm not nearly as asplodey as I should be. That may come Friday, though. Especially if stuff isn't actually getting finished...

Blarg. I'm feeling anxiety over not being in a total panic. Go, my brain!


  2010.08.01  19.22
One of these days

I'm going to cut you into little pieces


  2010.07.26  18.04





  2010.07.08  19.49
this is not why I moved to Seattle

this weather wouldn't be bad if it just wasn't so damned hot & sunny...


  2010.06.30  17.33
Send Out Our Computer Waves!

Got DVD of Saturn 3 & Star Crash.


  2010.06.21  20.48


French flash-game. (Pardon the unfortunate name.)

Hillarious example of why we can't have nice things, really.


  2010.06.21  20.44



  2010.06.14  21.51
has can burgercheese

doing my bit to not act like an adult has can burgercheese


  2010.06.10  16.31
I'm not sure if it actually works that way...

Safeway has hot-dogs for prostate cancer.


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